The 8 Friends We Have In Our Early 20s

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1. The party friend

This person is absolutely batshit, known for peeing in public, and getting into, but more impressively out of, the most absurd situations. You don’t necessarily have any type of deep emotional relationship with them, but whenever you need to have a good time that you probably won’t remember, this person is your go to. They always know the hottest spots, have all sorts of connections, and they’re constantly trying to convert you, so you always have a standing invite to join. If you get broken up with on a Monday night, this is the person who is going to know about the one hopping place on a Tuesday and get the bartender to give you free drinks all night to cheer you up.

2. The platonic friend of the opposite sex

Since the day you two met, people have been asking will they/won’t they? You both…

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Of Acknowledgements and Rollercoaster Rides

I’m back! I told you I can’t stop writing (or typing). Anyway, I just would like to share something from my undergraduate thesis entitled “CAMPUS COMMUNITY RADIO AS MEDIUM FOR SOCIAL ISSUE AWARENESS IN THE MINDANAO STATE UNIVERSITY MARAWI CITY: A PRODUCTION RESEARCH. It was four years in the making. Those four years that I was out of the campus gave me so much time to morph my skills in broadcasting and led me to my undergraduate research paper. It was a rollercoaster ride. It had its ups and its downs. But the joy of it was the adrenalin rush you feel as you go over the loops. That was all that matters.

What I would like to share are the acknowledgements that I NEED to blog out since these people or group of people, one way or another, backed me up throughout my struggles. These are the exact same words and format. No alterations were made.



This goes out to the people who have made a significant impact in my life. YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE GRAVITY OF MY HAPPINESS:

To Mamang and Papang whom I have loved unconditionally for the past 24 years, thank you for the unwavering support;

To Prof. Sorhaila L. Yusoph, my thesis adviser, thank you for putting me right back on track with my thesis. You do not understand how much gratitude I owe you;

To Dr. Rebekah Alawi, my panel member, thank you for the red marks on my papers during my defense. It made this study even more colorful;

To Mr. Rustom Bauya and Ms. April Rose Torion, I offer you my respect for not abandoning me every time I felt lost with my thesis. You made me feel how college was for us more than four years ago;

To Bro Michel, my mentor, who taught me that once there is nothing more for you to learn, move on. Thank you for making radio my passion. You were the sister that I never had;

To Yusoph Ali Amirel, my best friend, and to Tita Josephine, who made me feel like I was part of their family, thank you for the leniency you showed me;

To Golden Bites, who stood as my second home inside the campus, thank you for adding an extra experience in my resume;

To Vanessa, an amazing woman, who patiently tallied more than half of the data I gathered, thank you for the friendship built in just days;

To Jo Alven, Sir Abu, and Jopfler, thank you for squeezing me into your room and keeping me alive throughout those long and sleepless nights (You know what I mean). I offer you my debt of gratitude;

To Jie Nova and Jo Abdul, two of my valuable friends, you guys are too awesome for words managing to make me smile during my super annoyed state;

To my dear Jos and Jies of The Eyoners Club, thank you for the genuine brotherhood and sisterhood I felt throughout my college life. I never felt that I was away from home every time I was with the club;

To the rest of my friends who collectively helped made this research possible, you guys are exceptionally awesome. Thank you for backing me up. You were my constant reminder that giving up is never an option and;

To someone who freed me from hatred through love and forgiveness.



I have never really told you the reason why I decidedly started blogging. To tell you the truth, the thought was already conceivable even before I started Twitter or Facebook. I always have this frustrating passion to put the random thoughts in my head into words – words that have the power to change lives and words that breathe life. Sadly, these words somehow seem so elusive to me since writing has never been my forte. I have the tongue for speaking but not the hand for writing. I envy those who outrival both. They dominate both the left brain and right brain. In theory, a person who is “left-brained” is often said to be more logical, analytical, and objective, while a person who is “right-brained” is said to be more intuitive, thoughtful, and subjective. I took tests before in my Organizational Communication class with Sir Joel Araya and found out that I was more inclined to being right-brain dominated. Most of my classmates were, too. They say it is normal because we study the social sciences while the opposite is true for those who delve into the natural sciences and engineering. I say practice makes fact. Only perfect practice makes perfect. But, then again, nobody is perfect.  We can make it a fact that a person can dominate both sides of the brain hemispheres. I will start off by blogging.

Blogging is truly fun. This is just my second blog article and it appears that I just cannot stop writing (or typing). What I cannot express on a 140 character limit on twitter I make up for it here. Blogging is endless. It lets you stir up your imagination. In the words of Diandra-Ditma Aguam Macarambom, an amazing woman, a true friend, an adviser, and an all-around mommager to our peers, “Let the words flow. Chill. And, let your story unfold.” I think it already has started. I look forward to where my thoughts will lead me.

So why blog? First, I want to share ideas. I want people to know what I think about a certain viewpoint. It helps me connect with others and facilitate online discussions. Blogging helps me reflect as well. Second, it is the era of information and communication technology (ICT) so I want to take advantage of that. It is digital literacy in just a click of a finger. Third, I want to develop a new voice and connect to the global audience. Fourth, because of the ridiculous reason that I am online 24/7 thus, I can create a 24/7 learning environment. It lets me extend my classroom walls. And, last but not the least, because I WANT TO WIN AN AWARD in blogging. Haha. Now that is something different. Absurd but true. 😀

The nature of my blog will somehow be anything that is random and awesome to write about – from news, to entertainment, to life & style, to tech & science, to comedy, and even more. It is a tall order, I know. But I can. As of the moment, let my first few articles be a primer for everything that is to unfold. It will be the start of something new for me. I feel I have been born again. A renaissance. A flourishing of learning. It is a period of new personal growth and activity. A period of time where I find new interest in something that is not common to me – BLOGGING.

This has been the Prince of the Airwaves at your extra service.

My Alter Egos

Hi. I’m Joseph. Geographically, I go by a lot of names. In Iligan city, dubbed as the ‘City of Waterfalls’ in the Philippines, my peers call me ‘Logan’, ‘Prince’, or ‘Prince Logan’. In my hometown Dipolog city, a peaceful little town located down south of the country, they call me ‘Cody’ or ‘Cody Maxxx’. These were my radio names, by the way. Yes, you got that right. I am, or was, a radio jock. I spin music, pick up live calls on air, play requests, read shoutouts, and even host events. I entertain listeners over the airwaves.  It is my burning passion to be on radio even though I temporarily became ‘voiceless’ in the local broadcasting mediascape since I recently got into teaching communication courses at Mindanao State University in Marawi city – the ‘Islamic city of the Philippines’. Presently, inside the campus, the name ‘Joseph’ has now become ‘Josh’. To say the least, radio is my passion and teaching is my profession. Someday, I hope I can juggle between these two career paths.

Anyway, my names actually matter for they are my personas. ‘Joseph’ is the shy, reluctant-looking type of guy: the one who sits just right at the corner of a classroom; the one who barely speaks; the one who gets bullied. You can picture him in western teenage highschool movies where he gets cameo roles as the one who gets spilled by slushes, gets thrown at by god-knows-whatever food the cool kids can grab at, gets pranks from cheerleaders and quarterbacks who happens to have just one pair of clothes to wear everyday – their uniforms who always comes in red in movies. ‘Joseph’ is the nerd, the geek, the freak. He WAS that guy.

Place Joseph inside a booth, give him a microphone and some music to spin on, he rapidly transforms into ‘Prince Logan’ or ‘Cody Maxxx’ – spontaneous, borderline insane, and ridiculously outspoken. Their music knowledge can rival that of any genius. They are also the embodiment of naughty and nice. A lethal combination guaranteed to keep you awake and entertained during your idle moments. They can brighten the day of even the Scroogiest-Scrooge. Joseph now becomes the most talkative person in the world. But thank God there’s a B-side to every story. Yes, they may talk a lot, but everything they say – from mundane to profound – actually makes sense. These personas are the exact opposites of Joseph – his alter egos.

And then we have ‘Josh’– deep, kind-hearted, quirky, random, positive, real, and professional – he’s all that and so much more. Perhaps his greatest talent is his ability to laugh at himself. In a nutshell, Josh is a dorky dumbass and he is actually proud to be one.

These names are bits and pieces of my personality: unique and different in their own way. They have become a separate identity. Two of which I would like to cradle inside me and one of which I would like to let go and forget. But that one of which just can’t happen. All of them have made me who I am right now. The question is: which among the many me is talking to you right now? Can you guess?

Welcome to my blog. I am new at this so it is just right that I start off by introducing myself. This is my first article. Absolutely will not be my last. I just can’t wait for my next blog. Together, let us explore the countless possibilities of what social media has to offer to all of us through blogging. I would like to send this one out to the universe. Chop chop!